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Pluming Installation

How many times have you turned on your faucet only to find it's not working properly? Enjoy free-flowing pipes and faucets in your home with precision plumbing repair and installation services from our customer-oriented company in East Williamsburg Plumbing and Heating. East Williamsburg Plumbing and Heating is a full-service plumbing installation and repair company that makes it a priority to treat you and your home with respect. When you invite us into your home, our expertly trained plumbing technicians deliver a tailored, unique plumbing installation and repair experience personalized to your needs and budget! Contact us today for ideal plumbing services and repairs prices that won't drain your wallet.


Air conditioning

Central air conditioning distributes air or cold water to several rooms in a building, providing for a more effective air conditioning than stand-alone air conditioner units. If it's getting hot and you don't have an air conditioner or only have a single unit, you might want to install a central air conditioning system. This is a guide on how to install central air conditioning.

  • Start by installing the air handler unit. It is usually installed in a basement or attic. Follow the instructions that came with the unit.
  • Install the compressor. It should be placed on top of a base. The space immediately surrounding the compressor should be empty. It should be placed on a stable and level surface.
  • Connect the compressor and air handler to the main power unit of the house.
  • Install the thermostat, if needed. Connect it to the air handler and main power supply.
  • Turn the power back on.
  • Check to make sure that the unit is working.